Sasha Farrell June 11, 2018

A new study suggests that pills utilized for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to avoid the chances of getting infected with HIV plays a crucial part in the satisfaction of men.

A huge increment in the usage of PrEP pills in the region of Australia is directly proportional to the heavy drop of condom usage at the time of sex, shown by a major study.

PrEP has been appreciated as a game-changer avoiding the AIDS but the finding of the study on Australian region for using pills once-a-day which has effectively prevent the transmission of the virus, plays an important part in the satisfaction of the individuals.

Though, the new research, published in the journal “Lancet HIV”, aired a serious question regarding the introduction of the PrEP drug in developing nations which records high level of HIV infection without a strong backup of education support for encouraging people for the use of a condom.

The study has 17,000 participants who comprise of bisexual and gay men in New South Wales and Victoria, Australia, demonstrates that PrEP has been keenly adopted. The number of HIV negative men consuming the pills have risen from 2% to 24% during 2013 — 2017.

During the same duration, the percentage of men using PrEP having anal sex rise up from 1% to 16%, but the use of condom reached 31% from 46%. The thing which has attracted the scientist is the number of people who were HIV negative and not using any Pills has also reached 39% from 30%. However, the cases of HIV falls in both the nations participated in the study.

The thing is also worth recalling that the use of condom for safety purpose is still very high in the bisexual and gay men compared to the heterosexual population. In this scenario, going on PrEP pills is an extra way or effort of proactively taking the accountability of owns HIV risk.

Sasha Farrell

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