Victor Dill May 24, 2018

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) with 35 other advocacy groups came together on Tuesday to send a letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO of the company. In the letter, the union and other groups have demanded Bezos to stop providing the technology to law enforcement. Amazon Rekognition is a new technology by Amazon that identifies […]

Sasha Farrell May 23, 2018

Campbell Soup, the 150-year company in refrigerated and fresh food is facing a severe crisis in its performance and leadership. Its CEO, Denise Morrison, had been the chief motivator to bring the company into a great shape. She had been leading for the past 7 years. But with her sudden exit on Friday, Campbell shares […]

Victor Dill May 23, 2018

As per the Economists from the Wall Street and numerous investors, the Federal Reserve may hike the rates of interest by June end. Todd Colvin, the Senior Vice President, also stated that the rate of growth may hover around 3% amidst the inflation and quantity of jobs in accordance with the Feds. As the initial […]

Sasha Farrell May 21, 2018

The American Health Association recommended that individuals can consume 2 servings of 3.5 ounces of non-fried fish every week. If you love to eat fish, then it is good news for you. As per a new report, eating fish helps in lowering your risk of health-related diseases. A recently conducted research by AHA (American Health […]

Victor Dill May 21, 2018

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) announced that the authority has initiated to install hundreds of new high-definition cameras to help improve security measures. It is a $33 Million project initiated to combat the crimes. The first phase of a new safety and security initiative will begin using the money generated from the ride-sharing tax put in […]

Victor Dill May 21, 2018

A situation where the employees of Wells Fargo were involved in modifying some official records of their customers was found out recently. It raised fresh alarms about the castellated bank’s system of checks and balances. The inappropriate action happened in between 2017 and starting of 2018 and was brought to notice by the numerous Wells […]

Victor Dill May 19, 2018

L&T has bagged new orders in many of its sectors. Larsen and Toubro has a large presence in various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, technology, engineering and in financial services. It operates in around 30 countries and has bagged many orders in all its operations. With various business operations, it has many crores of orders […]

Victor Dill May 17, 2018

Investigators have found the fastest growing black hole of all time. They have seen that in every two days, the black hole is eating the mass equal to the Earth’s Sun. On May 15, 2018, investigators said, “They have utilized a newly published data from the Gaia Satellite of European Space Agency to affirm that […]

James Tidwell May 17, 2018

Google Chrome had, with all good intentions, installed a web browser to benefit users, by which autoplay videos that were unwanted may be muted. However, to its dismay and to the dismay of gamers, it muted web games too. The Chrome team had released Chrome66, in the month of April to mute video sounds by […]