James Tidwell July 17, 2018

Slack, the workplace collaboration application, is excellent for conversing with colleagues and talking about project preparations at the moment. However, if one wishes to discover a chat that took place a month ago, then good luck. The new enhancements to the search functions of Slack have released aiming to resolve that issue. Over the forthcoming […]

Sasha Farrell July 16, 2018

The recent study, done by the three scientists of the Oxford University, titled Dissolving the Fermi Paradox suggests that we may be the alone in this galaxy. It’s been an assumption that with trillions of planets out there in the space, the vast amount of real estate in space, it is found that aliens must […]

James Tidwell July 16, 2018

Both the giants, Airbus And Boeing, who once got the orders in bulk are now struggling hard to deliver those orders resulting into annoyance of the customers and delay in the payments. Multiple delivery commitment failures by Airbus are forcing the customers to go for alternative options as they are facing tough situations as they […]

Sasha Farrell July 15, 2018

Recently, an investigation was in the process over the 8 food chains related to the matter of No Poaching Agreement. Under this, a Franchise does allow the employees to shift to different locations of the same franchise, doesn’t hire an employee from a different franchise. Basically, the investigation was made to see the employee and […]

Sasha Farrell July 12, 2018

The Ex-Tesla worker, whom the company had once fired and sued, has whistled before ‘US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’ with the allegations about misleading the investors and giving false statements. The name of the whistle blower has been identified as Martin Tripp, according to the reports. Tripp worked for Tesla’s huge Battery factory, located […]

Sasha Farrell July 12, 2018

AT&T is planning to take-over AlienVault, a company that deals in cyber security, the terms of which are not disclosed. AlienVault was established in the year 2007. The company has its various products into the market regarding the solutions to the security threats based on its own ‘Uniform Security Management’ (USM) platform. The ‘Open Threat […]

James Tidwell July 12, 2018

Scientists have extracted certain ancient tools in China which may suggest presence of primitive humans in that region as far back as 2.12 million years. This extract is older by at least 270,000 years than the preceding oldest evidence, consisting of stone tools and bones found in Dmanisi, Georgia. A team consisting of Chinese and […]

Victor Dill July 9, 2018

The U.S. Labor Department proclaimed that for the first time in the history of the country, the number of job openings is greater than population seeking for jobs. The national unemployment rate of the U.S. was only 4% in June 2018. It was increased by 499,000 to 6.6 Million. The rate of unemployment was 4.3% […]